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Welcome to A&R @ Music45.com

We understand that you've probably found your way here because you are a serious music artist who acknowledges that you could do with some help in order to progress to the next stage in your music career; and even, perhaps, all the way to the top!
To get started, simply click on the service below that best describes what your business is currently lacking.

Gigs, Events & Tours

You prefer getting out and reaching your potential new fans in person. You want more gigs and tours around the UK that will earn you a good living and help to promote your future recordings

Record Deal & Marketing

You like to do some gigs, but you want more time in between to write and record great music. You want your recordings to be played on the radio and streamed and downloaded from all the major online stores

Artist Management

You are too busy to handle all the enquiries by yourself and need a manager to do all that for you. You are able to accept and act upon advice from the professionals who really know the music business and can guide you to success

The Whole Kit & Caboodle!

Whilst you are not going to sit on your laurels expecting everyone else to do all the work, you feel you have reached a brick wall and need help with everything in order to progress